Profile of the Mayor

Mr. Jihad. Mohapi

Cllr. J. Mohapi was elected as the Mayor of the Moqhaka Local Municipality following the 2011 local government elections. He previously served as Speaker of the Council. He has extensive experience in facilitation and training programmes and has gained valuable knowledge of developing and implementing programmes for councillors and ward committees, as well as, coordinating and planning community development programmes involving financial management, community relations, volunteer development, councillor development and ward committees.

Mohapi’s involvement in the local government environment is enriched by the knowledge and skills he developed whilst serving as the chairperson of the Local Government and Housing SETA as Chairperson responsible for HR Development of FRELOGA during the period 1995 to 2000. He successfully completed the Municipal Executive Leadership programme with the University of Pretoria 2009. His community involvement extends beyond his direct responsibility as Mayor as he is also the chairperson of the Reaitumela School Governing Body.