Moqhaka Local Municipality is striving to provide an efficient, cost effective Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Services to the community of Moqhaka that will provide a climate of positive growth, capital investment and social upliftment for the community at large. The Municipality is constructing and maintaining the electrical distribution networks and infrastructures and ensuring a safe, effective and affordable electrical energy supply to the community of the Moqhaka Local Municipality

Core Functions

  • Administration and strategic planning
  • Distribution low and medium voltage
  • Distribution High voltage (132kV)
  • Street lights
  • Electrical work shop
  • Revenue protection

Approximately 70% of our energy sold is consumed by our residential sectors, and the remaining 30%to our business customers. Moqhaka Electricity Department operates under the Electricity Regulation Act of 2006. We use policies which are determined by both Municipality and the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA).

We supplies more than 27500 customers in an area covering nearly square kilometres. This encompasses the area of Kroonstad, Viljoenskroon and Steynsrus

Moqhaka also purchases electricity from Eskom for Kroonstad, Brentpark and Maokeng, Viljoenskroon and Ramulutsi and Steynsrus. From these points it is transmitted and distributed for use by the full spectrum of customers ranging from the large, industrial and commercial sector to the residential communities

General electricity safety tips 

  • Always isolate the supply when attempting repairs on electrical equipment-remove the plugs and put it next to you. This will prevent someone accidentally switching it on and cause you injury.
  • As the responsible person in the house, you are to ensure that all electrical repairs or extensions to an existing installation is carried out by a qualified person to comply with law and general safety requirements.
  • If you have small children in the house, it is good practice to install dummy plug tops on all wall mounted power outlet points. This will prevent children from putting their fingers or objects in to wall mounted power outlet points.
  • Never try to extinguish a fire caused by a faulty electrical appliance by throwing water on it while the power is still on. First always unplug or switch off the power at the main switch, and use a dry chemical fire extinguisher.

Where can I buy electricity?

We have seven (7) Municipal offices around Moqhaka Local Municipality where you can purchase you pre-paid Electricity coupons.

There are also twenty (20) vendors where you can buy your pre-paid Electricity coupons: